Osceola County Commission Chairwoman Viviana Janer and two activist Puerto Rican women from Central Florida announced an effort Tuesday to convince the region’s Puerto Rican women to come out to vote against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio Tuesday.

At a press conference in Kissimmee, Chairwoman Janer, Somos Orlando [We Are Orlando] co-founder Nancy Rosado, and Que Vote Me Gente [My People Will Vote] campaign activist Zoé Colón decried what they called the “bigoted and divisive campaign” of Trump and, by extension, Rubio, and said they believe the Puerto Rican community will have the power to impact the election.

They said they will encourage the area’s Puerto Rican community to vote for Democrats Hillary Clinton and U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy.

“Puerto Ricans helped formed the fabric of this nation, whether fighting on the battlefield for our freedoms or standing up here at home for our civil rights. This election we will honor the sacrifices and battles of our community by uniting at the ballot box against hate, xenophobia, and fear,” Janer said.

Rosado took Rubio to task for announcing in June that the June 12 massacre at the popular Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, on Latino Night, led him to seek re-election.

“Donald Trump and Marco Rubio think that saying they ‘love Hispanics’ or having a Latino last name is enough to get our votes, even as they actively fight against us,” Rosado said. “The Puerto Rican and LGBTQ community in Orlando refuses to stand by any candidate who would use the deaths of our brothers and sisters for their own political gain the way Marco did when he announced his re-election campaign.”

Colón noted there are an estimated 400,000 Puerto Ricans living in Osceola and Orange Counties.

“Our vote will deliver more economic opportunities here in Central Florida for a fast growing diaspora and relief for our families and loved ones back in Puerto Rico. We are a million strong in Florida and we will not give up our power this election — we will vote for our future,” she said.

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