They have had success. They have had failure.

For the Orlando Magic, that’s as true of coaches as it is of players.

Now that the Magic is the market for another coach, it is time to rank the 11 men who have called the plays for the Magic. Some of them were memorable. Some of them? Not so much.

1. Stan Van Gundy (2007-2012): In a lot of ways, it’s still a mystery why the Magic fired Van Gundy. No one coached as many games, won as many games or was as successful in the playoffs.

2. Doc Rivers (1998-2003): Rivers was NBA coach of the year in 1999-2000. He was 171-168 in all, and he won only a third of his playoff games.

3. Brian Hill (1993-1997, 2005-2007): Hill had two shots with the Magic. His first stint included coaching both Shaq O’Neal and Penny Hardaway. In all, he coached 40 playoff games.

4. Chuck Daly (1997-1999): Daly was seeking a late-career payday, some said. Still, he won 56 percent of his games with the Magic.

5. Matt Goukas (1989-1993): It’s never easy to be a team’s first coach. Goukas did win 111 games with Orlando.

6. Scott Skiles (2015-2016): The former Magic guard seemed like a perfect fit with the Magic. He lasted only one year and 35 wins.

7. Richie Abudato (1997): Abudato won 21 of 33 games with the Magic in ’97.

8. Jacque Vaughn (2012-2015): Vaughn won only 26.9 percent of is games, losing 100 more (158) than he won (58).

9. Johnn Davis (2003-2005): Won 37.8 percent of his games.

10. James Borrego (2015): Won 33.3 percent of his games.

11. Chris Jent (2005): Won 27.8 percent of his games.

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