President Barack Obama is coming through Orlando to campaign for Hillary Clinton at UCF Friday, but he’ll find some opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal he supports from a group of UCF progressives.

Their problems with the deal are twofold, according to a Facebook post on the event page:

1. If passed, the deal will make it easier and more profitable to export American jobs overseas, meaning Americans will have to compete with “near slave labor” wages overseas.

2. Give corporations the right to sue governments for impeding on their profits.

“So, if a country decides to increase their federal minimum wage, a corporation can sue and have that legislation overturned,” the event description reads. “If a country decides to implement pollution regulations and fines for violating those regulations, a corporation can sue and have that legislation overturned.”

The protest will begin outside the Fairwinds Alumni Center at UCF at noon and go until Obama’s speech at 6 p.m.

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