Putting aside political differences, a group of college Democrats and Republicans from the University of Central Florida met this morning to remember those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks fourteen years ago and honor the heroes defending the country’s freedom every day.

Over 60 students met at dawn to place 2,977 American flags on the free speech lawn, one flag for every life lost on that day. Many of the students were too young to remember the attacks, but understand how it changed the country forever, as well as the importance of remembering and honoring those who died.

“This is the largest turnout we’ve ever had. It’s very important that events like this one don’t go unremembered. It’s people like the ones here this morning that preserve our traditions” said Elaine Sarlo, Chair of the UCF College Republicans.

It was also a break from the usual partisan battles taking place on every level of government . All of the students at the event this morning wanted to send a message: the country will always stand together to face challenges and protect its future.

“We should do this more often.” Michael Hodapp, Vice-President of the UCF College Democrats “This is a very important event. Millennials have a large role to play in making sure these events are never forgotten.

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