UCF is investigating reports of credit card fraud that could be originating from locations on campus.

The information so far indicates the reports are coming from private vendors on campus — retailers and restaurants, according to a press release — though none are named specifically yet.

UCF officials have contacted the agency concerned with banking and finance, according to the release, and are working to conduct physical and virtual reviews of technology on campus and discern where the fraud is coming from.

Only 10 reports of fraud had been filed as of Thursday, but more than 20 other anecdotal stories from students, faculty, and staff had been noted, the press release states.

According to victims, fraudulent charges have appeared on their cards after using them at businesses located in the Student Union, Knights Plaza, and the John T. Washington Center.

Those who believe they’ve been a victim of fraud can contact UCF here, and also are advised to contact their credit card companies immediately.

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