Bithlo-area activist and non-profit operator Timothy McKinney has entered the Orange County District 5 race.

McKinney, whose non-profit organization United Global Outreach has been a major player in the east Orange community of Bithlo, is seeking to unseat incumbent Ted Edwards.

“The voices of too many people in Orange County District 5 have been ignored for far too long by career politician Ted Edwards,” McKinney stated in a news release announcing his campaign.

Two others, Emily Bonilla and Gregory Scott Eisenberg, also have filed to run in the district.

McKinney intends to kick off his campaign Thursday afternoon at the Orange County Administration Building.

In the press release announcing his candidacy, he presented an endorsement from former state Rep. Karen Castor Dentel, who stated she was considering running in District 5 herself.

Castor Dentel, a Democrat, stated, “I believe we already have a champion who is working everyday to improve people’s lives and he isn’t afraid to stand up to the powers that be to get those things done. That person is my friend, Tim McKinney.”

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