The Florida-based activist group Dream Defenders is debuting a “presidential cabinet,” dubbed #SquaDD2016, with the goal of “speaking truth to power by elevating the voices of young Black and Brown people.”

According to the organization, “We organized #SquaDD2016 with the intention of conveying the message that we demand more from the Presidential Candidates, particularly those who benefit most from and claim to represent the voices of Black and Brown youth and communities, Hillary and Bernie. #SquaDD2016 used political theater as a means to educate folks about the power of our vote through providing political education about where each of the candidates stand on issues facing our communities through their platforms and past actions.”

The Cabinet is made up of members from around Florida and will focus on a range of issues, such as education, the economy, trade, foreign policy, immigration, and mass incarceration.

Meanwhile, some members of the group were reportedly blocked from entering a Donald Trump rally in Palm Beach on Sunday.

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