Orange County District 5 Commissioner Ted Edwards is disappointed the Florida Department of Transportation won’t help the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) expand a State Road 408 ramp on State Road 50.

The proposal would help alleviate the traffic problems in east Orange County, where Edwards is commissioner, adding a new tolled extension to SR 408 within the SR 50 right-of-way that could make traffic move faster. In a press release issued Thursday, Edwards said the improvements were “desperately needed.”

“As a result, I believe the Florida Department of Transportation, if willing, should take the lead on this important project,” Commissioner Edwards said. “Although I favor local control for local projects, the Florida Department of Transportation alone can now quickly deliver this extension on SR 50 right of way so desperately needed by east Orange County residents.”

The reason given by FDOT Secretary Jim Boxold is that the proposal is “convoluted.”

In a memo to the CFX, Boxold states the proposal doesn’t fit in the requirements for what FDOT money can go towards — namely because the FDOT doesn’t have sole right of way in the area the CFX was requesting.

In addition, the proposal’s specifics would conflict with plans to update SR 408 already in the MetroPlan Orlando agenda, which Boxold concludes would not be a fruitful use of their funds.

In short, Boxold writes, the proposal would be unworkable.

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