Orange County Commission candidate Susan Makowski‘s campaign announced  a list of numerous political backers Wednesday that includes several big-name Democrats supporting the registered Republican in the non-partisan election for District 4.

Makowski’s campaign announced she has received the support of former Orange County Chair Linda Chapin, Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin, and Orange County Clerk of Court Tiffany Moore Russell, all Democrats, as well as several professionals who have worked with Democrats over the years, Kelly Cohen, Mayanne Downs, and Debra Booth.

Makowski easily bested a five-candidate field seeking election to the District 4 seat in the Aug. 28 election but failed to clear the 50 percent threshold for outright election. So she and second-place finisher Maribel Gomez Cordero are headed for a Nov. 6 runoff election.

Though the election and office are non-partisan, political parties played significant roles and became issues in the campaigns heading into the Aug. 28 election. Makowski’s backing of several Democrats signals bi-partisan support for her against Gomez Cordero, a registered Democrat.

District 4 covers much of southeast Orange County. Makowski spent almost seven years as chief administrative aide for the incumbent Commissioner Jennifer Thompson.

“I am honored to welcome many new Democrats and Republican supporters to my campaign. This is proof that the County Commission race isn’t about party, but about people and serving the citizens of District 4,” Makowski stated in a news release. “When a constituent calls with an issue, I don’t ask about party registration. I don’t care about that, I care about people and this community.”

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