Electrical power restoration continued to make considerable strides in Central Florida but still more than a third of the homes and businesses remained without electricity throughout the region Wednesday morning.

Power outages in Orange County were reduced to 34 percent of the population Wednesday morning, or 195,000 customers, in the latest data available from the state Office of Emergency Management, time-stamped for 5.49 a.m.

In Volusia County, 137,000, or 38 percent, of customers – homes and businesses – were without power Wednesday morning. In Brevard County, 134,000, or 43 percent were without. In Seminole County, 95,000, or 46 percent were without. In Lake County, 68,000, or 38 percent, were without. In Osceola County, 25,000, or 17 percent, were without.

Statewide, 3.9 million customers were without power Wednesday morning, about 39 percent of all the homes an businesses in Florida.

In 52 of 67 counties at least one in five homes and businesses were still dark Wednesday morning.

Waiting longer are residents in hard-hit Southwest Florida. The latest electric outage numbers show those counties still struggling, with 80 percent of Collier County customers, or 196,000 homes and businesses still without power, and 66 percent, or 296,000, in Lee County.

The most powerless homes and businesses still are found in South Florida, but Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties now boast more than half of their electric customers with service. In Miami-Dade, 464,000, or 41 percent, are without power; in Broward, 322,000, or 34 percent; and in Palm Beach, 282,000, or 37 percent.

Much progress has been made in the Tampa Bay area, but still hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses entered Wednesday with no power. In Pinellas County, 282,000 customers were without, about 52 percent. In Hillsborough County, 219,000, or 34 percent were without.

In the Jacksonville area, 102,000 Duval customers, or 23 percent, were without power, and in St. John’s County, 95,000 were without, or 46 percent.

Highlands County was listed as having power to 11 percent of the population late Tuesday, but Wednesday morning that went back down to 1 percent. There, 99 percent of the homes and businesses, or 61,000 customers, were without power Wednesday morning.

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