As the presidential election creeps closer to its eventual end in November, the folks at Southern Strategy Group want to make the first debate this month a more festive affair than it otherwise would have been. So they are holding a pre-debate party at The Abbey on Eola Drive to bring both parties together.

Billed as “the Fight of the Century” on the event poster, with an aesthetic more befitting of a classic boxing match advertisement, the party promises to offer a space where attendees can discuss freely whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win the debate — but with no low blows.

“Our candidates are practicing their best combos and getting ready to go toe-to-toe ringside,” the advertisement reads. “We all may have different political ideologies or favorite prize fighters but this year — one thing that we can all agree on is we have never seen anything like this election cycle. So, don’t throw in the towel — this is your ticket to the gate where we can talk freely where there will be no low blows (at least by our guests), and we can try to bet on who is going to take this round.”

The party will be held before the Sept. 26 debate at 6 p.m., with the debate itself starting at 9 p.m. The Abbey is located at 100 S. Eola Dr. in Orlando.

Anyone interested in attending has to RSVP here by Sept. 20.

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