April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Sen. Dwight Bullard, a Cutler Bay Democrat, issued a statement Tuesday calling for local and state governments to enact stricter laws protecting sexual assault survivors.

“As we recognize April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we’re reminded that every 107 seconds, another person is sexually assaulted in this country,” Senator Bullard stated. “Here in Florida and throughout the country, survivors face a broken system that denies them the justice they deserve.”

He said examples of that injustice, and of the broken system, included evidence being destroyed before the statute of limitations expired, severe backlogs in the testing of rape kits and a “clear lack of access to information and resources,” he wrote.

He went on to say that due to the gridlock in Congress, the onus was on local governments to pass laws protecting survivors.

“We need a comprehensive Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights here in Florida so that law enforcement officials have a clear and consistent set of protections in place to ensure every survivor has access to justice, regardless of where they live.”

Recent Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports had the number of untested rape kits in Florida at over 13,000.

Recently, Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law requiring that rape kits be submitted within 30 days to a lab, and tested within 120 days of the lab receiving them.

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    Get THAT? Our busine$$ obsessed gov. is doing some thing for The Common Good by purportedly urging that rape kits be sent to labs and processed in a timely manner!!!

    WHAT has gotten into Scott now?

    Which of his Causes does this benefit or does he directly benefit?
    There’s got to be a fly in this ointment. Scott has 1 ) Never deigned to do something to benefit us female Floridians, 2) What’s in it for Him, anyway?

    SHAMEFUL that we have to ask these questions. But, hey, those Republicans are all In It to benefit Themselves. So, What’s the Catch here, Gov?

    SHAMEFUL that we have to back our politicians up against a wall because they are typically so focussed on their own business interests (?investments?) that serving The People, even the women or girls, gets thrown under the bus.

    Just goes to show how far we citizens-voters have gone toward “getting used” to dirty schemes out of Tallahassee. Preeettttyyy FAR, it seems. Ugly, Embarrassing to Floridians that so many of us are raped with relative impunity. Gee, thanks a lot, Scott!

    [Isn’t it about time we Floridians started electing Real ADULTS?]


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