Commissioner Sean Parks was the guest speaker at a meeting of the Lake County Young Republicans on Tuesday night, and voiced his support for the upcoming special election that will determine the renewal of a 15 year penny sales tax.

“I’m for it. I’m a fair tax guy. This is the closest thing we’re able to do with the legislature.” said Parks “It’s not perfect but nothing is. Overall it’s a good thing for the county.”

Parks goes on to add that 30% of the revenue comes from travelers passing through the region, the measure lessens the burden on homeowners by keeping property taxes down. He also reminds residents that this is a renewal, not an added cost.

Revenues from that tax are expected to generate $450 million dollars intended for infrastructure needs that would be split up between the county, it’s 14 cities, and the school board.

Opponents of the tax are critical of the $400,000 price tag involved with the November special election that is required for Commissioners to hit their budget deadlines. Parks favors potentially altering future conflicting timelines to avoid any further additional costs.

Park’s fellow Lake County Commissioners Leslie Campione and Tim Sullivan also support the measure.

The election takes place on November 3rd, with absentee ballots expected to go out in the coming weeks.

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