In the crowded field for Orlando City Council District 6, Nathan Chambers believes he has the momentum and support to defeat incumbent Commissioner Sam Ings.

Chambers, a Realtor that has lived in the community for 25 years, was the only candidate to qualify by petition. The Jamaica native is running because he is upset with the lack of ideas and opportunities for the district coming from City Hall to improve the area.

“You look at downtown development. They’re building up, and building up at the costs of our communities,” Chambers said. “I personally believe some of those dollars should trickle down to the community. You need to make arrangements to give back.”

Chambers told reporters he would have voted against the destruction of the Tinker Field grandstands.  He also supports some regulations on the ridesharing service Uber to protect the passengers.

What will surely play major role in not only the District 6 City Council race, but also all Orlando city elections will be the 17.7 percent property tax increase city commissioners passed unanimously to cover a budget shortfall.

Like other candidates, Chambers would not have supported the hike.

“Absolutely no,” he said. “It’s hurting seniors, and I’m one of them. It’s hurting those young people who are trying to maintain their lives. This is ridiculous.”

Other candidates in the race include activist Lawanna Gelzer, university professor Ka’Juel Washington and insurance agent Marcus Robinson.

Chambers hopes that in the end, his independence from special interests will put him over the top in the crowded field to replace Ings on the Council.

“I’m not a ‘yes’ man,” he said. “I’m not for sale. The community is behind me. They look at the guy there now and the say ‘we’ve got to get rid of him. I agree. We’ve got to get that guy out of there.”

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