Brash conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin has endorsed U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis in the Florida governor’s race during an interview Wednesday morning.

Levin, known for his staunch conservatism and support for President Donald Trump, called DeSantis “a very decent man, a very principled man” in a radio broadcast of The Mark Levin Show Wednesday morning. And in an interview with DeSantis, Levin offered him his “whole, full support,” ahead of Republican Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.

Levin credited DeSantis for fighting for federalism in Congress, declaring, “He would be a great governor, a great governor … I’d kill to have that man as my governor in Virginia.” He then encouraged his nationwide listener base to contribute to DeSantis’ campaign.

“”He’s a very decent man, a very principled man, a family man with a beautiful family, trying to do the right thing. He’s a very atypical politician,” Levin said.

DeSantis only entered the race, officially, last week. On the show, he talked of being able to set the agenda, setting four or five things “that really matter to you” and going to do it, while in Congress, he is just one of 435 players. He cited appointments to the Florida Supreme Court as one of those things.

“Florida’s future is important for the people who are there and the people who may move there, but it’s also important nationally,” DeSantis said during the interview. “We want to have big states that can implement limited government policies and show successes … and I’m committed to making sure we remain a state rooted in conservative reform.”

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