Orange County mayoral candidate Rob Panepinto raised $100,250 toward his election run during April, his campaign announced Tuesday.

About half that April income came in a $50,000 check Panepinto wrote to his campaign. With that check, and with 61 others from outside contributors, Panepinto was able to add $81,800 in April to his election campaign coffer, while he raised $18,450 in five checks for his independent political committee, Vision Orange County.

That brings Panepinto’s total fundraising to date to $405,866 for his official campaign and $200,099 for Vision Orange County, the campaign announced. Vision Orange County has spent $97,000 through the end of April, leaving it with just over $100,000 in the bank, according to the Florida Division of Elections, while the campaign had spent about $83,000, and had about $322,000 left, according to reports on file at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

Panepinto’s chief rivals for the Orange County mayor’s race are Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings and Orange County Commissioner Pete Clarke.

Clarke’s campaign filed reports showing he raised $19,714 in April for his campaign. That gives his campaign $292,486 raised, including the $200,000 he donated himself. The campaign finished April with about $275,000 in the bank.

Demings’ April reports have not yet been posted nor announced by the campaign. They are due to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office Thursday. At the end of March, his campaign and his independent committee Orange County Citizens for Smart Growth had a combined total of more than $725,000 in the bank.

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