Orange County has released a breakdown of infrastructure spending that designates how much money each county district will receive and which road projects they’ll fund.

It parcels out the $300 million initiative Mayor Teresa Jacobs proposed in her state of the county address in June. Called “I.N.V.E.S.T in Our Home for Life,” it aims to provide infrastructure, new public safety facilities, vibrant neighborhoods, safety improvements for pedestrians, and transportation connectivity throughout Orange County. Jacobs wants the projects spread throughout the county and to provide long-term benefits.

The largest chunk of money, about $200 million, will go toward new roadways and expansion of existing roadways to relieve traffic congestion throughout Orange County.

District 1 is set to receive the most support with $54 million. Of that, $36 million will be spent on Reams Road from Summerfield Park Boulevard to Taborfield Avenue and $18 million on Ficutte Road from Summerlake Park Boulevard to Overstreet Road .

District 4, now undergoing a massive road construction project near the University of Central Florida, is second with a $46 million share. Most will go toward $28 million in improvements on Boggy Creek Road, with another $18 million spent on a stretch from Lake Underhill to Rouse Road.

District 5 is next with $45 million. Of that, $38 million is going toward “general transportation needs” in the district for a variety of projects, with $7 million spent on the Richard Crotty Parkway.

District 3 gets $30 million, with $24 million of that going to the Econ Trail and Lake Underhill to Dean Road.

District 2’s lone expenditure is a $14 million project on Kennedy Boulevard from Forest City Road to Wymore Road in Eatonville.

District 6 rounds off the list with an $11 million project that will be used on Americana Boulevard between Texan and Holden avenues.

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