Facing the prospect Monday of key Puerto Rico leaders announcing their backing of his opponent Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is releasing an internet video ad with Hispanic Democrats endorsing him for Florida’s U.S. Senate race.

The one-minute, 54-second ad, “Democrata”, features Paulo Disdier, Colombian-American Margarita Parra, and Venezuelan-American William Diaz all explaining why they intend to vote for Scott even though they are registered Democrats. It will be running through social media channels on the internet.

“I’m supporting Gov. Rick Scott because of the help he offered Puerto Rico, and not just Puerto Rico but also because I have seen throughout the years, his work as Governor has been diligent,” Disdier says in Spanish. “He is impartial when it comes to helping whoever he needs to help regardless of race or color and I like that a lot about a politician. I’m a Democrat but I’m supporting him for the Senate.”

The Scott campaign commercial is being launched as Nelson prepares for an announcement later Monday with several  Puerto Rico leaders on hand, including Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

“I’m here supporting Gov. Rick Scott because he is a person who has worked for our community and for all who have needed the help of a Governor like him,” Parra says in the Scott campaign commercial. “I hope he continues his professional career. I believe that we should not close ourselves to only one political party or another. One should look at the record of the person and the work that they are doing and who they are doing it for, in order to make the best decision.”

Diaz, a leader in the Venezuelan-American community’s efforts to oppose the regime of Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, previously expressed his support for Scott at a press event in Orlando this summer.

“I’m a registered Democrat. After eight years, not only have we found that Florida has a brilliant Governor, we have a Governor who understands the need of the melting pot. And the need to live and share with citizens from other nationalities that are carrying on decent lives in the United States,” Diaz says, in Spanish, in the commercial. “That’s why after reflecting and seeing the team and the work, I did not hesitate to make the decision to support Gov. Scott for the Senate.”

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