Republican voters are flocking to the polls in Seminole County Tuesday morning.

Mike Ertel, he Seminole County supervisor of elections, reported by tweet shortly after noon that the morning activity at Seminole polling stations saw 13,578 Republicans cast ballots in person, and just 9,443 Democrats. Overall, Seminole County logged 30,945 votes by noon, Ertel tweeted.

That broadens the gap between Republicans and Democrats after the early-voting and mail-in voting, which showed just a slight advantage toward Republcian voters. In a county where Republicans hold about a two-point advantage in voter registrations, the Election Day voter turnout through noon was favoring Republicans over Democrats by 14 points.

 “Combine that with our early voters and mail ballots, as we already have a 53 percent turnout with seven hours remaining,” Ertel tweeted.

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