The Republican Party of Florida has sent out a mailer in the House District 47 contest citing potty-mouth language attributed to Democratic nominee Anna Eskamani in speeches and declaring “she’s everything wrong with politics today.”

Eskamani reacted Wednesday by charging the Republican Party is attacking her character because “you can’t win on the issues,” and essentially owning up to the words attributed to her in the mailer, characterizing them as coming from her refusal to back down.

The mailer’s one side declares, “EXPLICIT MATERIALS ON OPPOSITE SIDE”

That opposite side: “EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING: Edited to Meet Decency Standards. Anna Eskamani in her own words: ‘I don’t take SH*T ever’ ‘Look at the SH*T we have to put up with’ ‘F*CK the patriarchy.’

“Ask yourself, is this the example our leaders should be setting for our children?” the mailer inquires. Then it states, “Anna Eskmanai Extremely Partisan. Extremely Vulgar. Extremely Wrong for Central Florida.”

Eskamani is running against Republican Stockton Reeves for the seat opening up in HD 47, representing much of central Orange County including downtown Orlando.

Eskamani provided her reaction on Facebook:

“And our Republican opponent starts his campaign with negative ads, funded by the Republican Party of Florida. I guess when you can’t win on the issues, all you can do is try to attack me and my character,” she wrote in a post Wednesday.

“This mailer has some truth to it, because I refuse to back down when it comes to fighting for the hard working families of Orange County,” she added.

RPOF Executive Director George Riley took that as a full confirmation.

“The Anna Eskamani mailer is meant to reaffirm that she is not the right choice for Central Florida HD 47. We cannot correct the record for Eskamani, nor can she hide from it. As a matter of fact, according to her social media posts, she is unapologetic for her behavior. But we can however, educate the voter on her bad judgement and divisive choice of words before Central Floridians head to the polls this November,”  Riley said in a written response to her post.

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