The Republican Governors Association is entering the Florida election with a television commercial debuting Wednesday that declares that Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum is so far out there, “he’s on another planet.”

The new 30-second spot, “Too Far,” outlines Gillum’s positions favoring universal health care, a tax increase on corporations to pay for expanded education funding, and to abolish and replace the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and charges that he and his ideas go “too far” for Floridians. Two of those three items, involving health care and ICE, are federal matters, outside the power of the governor’s office, though Gillum has expressed his support for them.

The commercial debuts today on Florida television. The RGA did not detail the buy.

Gillum is facing Republican U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis in Florida’s Nov. 6 gubernatorial election, which is bound to become increasingly fought over by national party groups.

“Andrew Gillum’s radical far-left policies are too extreme for Florida’s working families,” RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson stated in a news release issued Wednesday. “Gillum supports a complete government takeover of health care, a billion dollar tax hike, and wants to close down our immigration enforcement agency. Andrew Gillum is too radical for Florida.”

Gillum’s campaign responded with a statement that accused the RGA of a “pitiful” attempt to distract from DeSantis’ issues, and read, in part: “As Governor, Andrew Gillum wants to create a Florida where we work to grow the economy for the middle class, expand access to affordable health care, and welcome our diverse communities. Ron DeSantis is ‘on another planet’ if he thinks Floridians support his D.C. record of slashing health care for Floridians, creating special tax breaks for billionaires, and attacking the Latino community. There’s a clear choice in this campaign between Andrew Gillum’s Florida values and Ron DeSantis’s radical D.C. record.”

The Democratic Governors Association also is weighing in heavily in the race, donating $2 million to the Forward Florida political committee backing Gillum’s run.

“How far out is Andrew Gillum? He’s on another planet!” the narrator begins.

“Andrew Gillum wants a government takeover of health care,” the narrator continues. “You’d lose the coverage you have. And you could even lose your doctor. Gillum wants to increase Florida taxes by a billion dollars, disaster for the economy. And he supports closing our immigration enforcement agency. Dangerous!

“You’d better learn more about Andrew Gillum,” the narrator concludes. “He just goes too far.”

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