Political yard signs are probably not great things during a 100-mph wind and at least one candidate, state Rep. Rene  Plasencia, is scurrying Wednesday to pull his before Hurricane Matthew menaces Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Plasencia, a Republican from Orlando running in House District 50 — which covers far-east Orange and north Brevard County all the way to the coast — said he and his campaign staff are headed out to remove the signs before they become potential projectiles.

Plasencia said he’s concerned about safety. There’s also the unstated prospect that any yard sign that crashes through someone’s living room window is not going to win a vote. What’s more, after the storm, most of the yard signs left in the ground likely will have gone with the wind.

Plasencia faces Democratic nominee Sean Ashby in the HD 50 election.

“We’ve got a lot of them [yard signs] so it will take a while,” Plasencia said. “But we’re going to make sure they don’t become projectiles.”

He and his team are planning to start along the coast and work their way inland to gather as many as they can, but he added at some point today they all will be turning to head home to take care of their homes.

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