A poll released Monday by the University of North Florida shows that more Florida voters favor transgender bathroom rights than President Donald Trump‘s controversial “travel ban” from seven majority-Muslim countries.

The UNF poll shows that 62 percent of registered Florida voters would have no issue using the same bathroom as a transgender person; 47 percent of those surveyed strongly disagreed with the idea of being uncomfortable using the same bathroom as a transgender person.

Of those surveyed, 79 percent don’t think transgender individuals pose a sexual threat to children and women. 62 percent of those polled strongly felt that no sexual threat was posed to women and children by transgender people.

Meanwhile, the proposed travel ban is underwater with UNF’s survey set: 51 percent of registered Florida voters disapprove (42 percent strongly), while 44 percent approve of the ban.

UNF polled 973 people — 27 percent on landlines — between the dates of Feb. 13 and Feb. 26. The asserted margin of error is 3 percent.

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