Two new television commercials from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine‘s political committee introduce his family, with his mother and fiancé extolling his work ethic, empathy for others, and a sense of family.

The commercial with his mother Diane Ziman, “Mom,” is in English, while the one with fiancé Carolina Murciano, “Familia,” is in Spanish. They begin airing Wednesday and will air for several weeks in major markets around Florida, according to his committee, All About Florida.

They are the second round of television commercials from the committee, following a set that began airing last month talking about Levine’s policy priorities.

Levine faces Democratic rivals former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham of Tallahassee, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Winter Park businessman Chris King in the primary nomination bid. The leading Republican candidate is Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. No other candidates have hit TV.

In Mom, as shots trade between her looking into the camera and Levine being with family, or throwing a football, Ziman asks, “What makes a Mom proud? A son like Philip Levine. As a kid, he washed cars, swept floors––every job you could imagine. Then, with a pocket full of dreams, Philip turned $500 dollars into a major Florida business, before becoming the Mayor who fought rising seas and hateful prejudice. If I taught Philip one thing…”

“I know, Mom,” he replies. “Do the right thing!

“That’s my boy!” she concludes.

In “Familia,” Murciano declares, in Spanish, “If you want to know what drives Philip Levine, its moments like these. With his family. When he was young, Philip worked very hard. Washing cars, cleaning floors––truly in all kinds of jobs. It was with this commitment to hard work that Philip transformed $500 dollars into a major company known worldwide. And when other families need help, Philip is always there to help them.”

During last month’s fundraising stint, Levine topped $1 million between his campaign and committee accounts. The former Miami Beach mayor maintains a huge fundraising lead in the Democratic primary.

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