Contending that Jeff Greene‘s attack ads against him are false and misleading including using stock footage from Russia and elsewhere to fake environmental messes in Florida, Philip Levine has sent cease and desist letter to all Florida television stations broadcasting the commercials, his campaign announced.

The two Democratic gubernatorial primary rivals are battling over Greene’s TV commercials launched late last week, named “Levine Latrines,” which charge that Levine, when he was mayor of Miami Beach, pursued policies and programs that helped pollute Biscayne Bay.

“Jeff Greene is airing a political advertisement that makes false assertions using misleading stock video from Russia, China, Serbia, and the Czech Republic to depict Biscayne Bay. We fully expect the advertisement to be pulled, along with subsequent attempts by the Greene campaign to lie about Mayor Levine’s record. Jeff Greene is repeating history with his false attacks that do nothing more than divide our party. Florida Democrats deserve better,” Levine’s Senior Advisor Christian Ulvert stated in a news release issued Monday morning.

The skirmish is the latest in a Democratic gubernatorial campaign that has turned increasingly muddy in the past couple of weeks, with charges and counter-charges between Greene, Levine, Gwen Graham, Chris King, and Andrew Gillum. The primary is Aug. 28.

Greene’s campaign responded by saying that Levine’s lawyer will be hearing from Greene’s lawyer.

“The visuals are aides – the headlines are facts. We stand by the ad. Levine is a bully,” Greene’s campaign stated in a written response. “He tried to silence scientists and members of the press who told the public the truth about dangerous and disgusting fecal bacteria being dumped in the bay — but Jeff Greene won’t be bullied. Our attorney will be responding directly to his.”

The Levine campaign letters to the TV stations, from the campaign’s lawyer Kendall Coffey, contend that those images, as well as the commercial’s allegations that the Miami Beach’s sewage system is discharging into the bay – disputed by Miami Beach’s city manager, as cited by Levine’s campaign –  are false and defamatory.

The letter itself suggests potential legal action, but is just a first step toward establishing that possibility.

“We therefore respectfully insist that, by 5 p.m. today, your station cease and desist the broadcasting of this advertisement or any advertisements that state or imply that the City of Miami Beach discharged human waste into Biscayne Bay from its sewer system. At a minimum, these ads should be taken down pending a legal review,” Coffey writes.

“Please govern yourself accordingly,” Coffey concludes.

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