Orange County Commission candidate Pete Crotty has received the endorsement of the state Police Benevolent Association, his campaign announced Wednesday.

The organization is one of two major police unions. The other, the Fraternal Order of Police, is backing Crotty’s opponent in the District 3 race, Mayra Uribe.

“We will ask our members, their friends and families – and all citizens of District 3 who love and respect law enforcement to cast their ballots in support of Pete Crotty, PBA state president John “Kaz” Kazanjian stated in a letter released by Crotty’s campaign.

District 3 covers much of south-central and part of south-east Orange County. The incumbent Commissioner Pete Clarke is leaving early because he resigned to run, unsuccessfully, for mayor this year. So Crotty and Uribe are contending for a two-year term to finish Clarke’s term.

“I’m proud to say that I have received this endorsement and that means a lot to our campaign,” Crotty said in an announcement of the endorsement.


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