The Orlando City Council passed a resolution allowing for backyard chickens citywide at Monday’s meeting, which District 4 Commissioner Patty Sheehan has championed as a good idea.

She said in an email to that the idea has already been tested in other cities like Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. By allowing for backyard chickens, cities can bolster healthier eating and sustainability when their manure is used to fertilize gardens.

There was originally a pilot program allowing only 50 licenses for the backyard chickens, but all of them were snapped up within 24 hours. The new program passed Monday will make 100 licenses available for city residents.

They’ll also have to take a class and work with the IFAS Extension Service, and then apply for a building permit, Sheehan said. They can have up to four chickens, but no noisy roosters.

Sheehan said the program is only making legal what many residents were already doing.

“Many homes came into compliance since they were sneaking and keeping hens anyway,” she wrote to “The eggs are delicious, and I have heard from parents that it gives children a chance to learn responsibility and proper care of animals.”

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