Orlando topped the nation’s 50 largest metropolitan areas in job creation last year according to data compiled by Gallup.

The City Beautiful edged out Salt Lake City, Austin, Louisville and San Francisco for the top spot in the Gallup Job Creation Index. The poll asked more than 200,000 Americans over the course of 2015 whether the company they work for was hiring or had open positions.

About 53 percent of Orlando respondents said their company was expanding and 8 percent said their employer was cutting back, giving the metro area a +45 score, two points ahead of Salt Lake City in the No. 2 spot.

Orlando’s score also tops the national average, which came in at +30. On the whole, 42 percent of Americans said their company was adding jobs while 12 percent said things were tightening up at the workplace.

The poll doesn’t differentiate between the types or quality of jobs being added in different regions. While Orlando’s score came on the back of solid growth in the hospitality and leisure industry, other top-5 cities saw most of their gains in the technology and healthcare sectors.

Gallup said the high score for Orlando and fellow tourism town Las Vegas, which scored a +35, may be attributable to higher consumer confidence and spending compared to the years immediately following the Great Recession.

The polling company also noted that the job creation reports have gotten “increasingly brighter” over the past few years. In 2011, Oklahoma City topped the list with a score of +25. In 2015, with the same score, it is in the bottom five.

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