The Orlando Political Observer, a local political news site, has changed hands — now it’s owned Doug Kaplan, a Winter Park-based pollster and president of market research firm Gravis Marketing.

Kaplan purchased the Orlando Political Observer from founder Frank Torres, according to a story on the site written by Torres himself.

Kaplan assured readers in the OPO story on the transition that the site wouldn’t be changing much.

“Our audience is a highly educated audience who cares deeply about politics.” Kaplan said. “Many are influencers in politics and government and, in time, Gravis Marketing will use this as a vehicle to distribute polls.”

He goes on to say he wants to add investigative journalism and expand coverage in Lake, Marion, Polk, and Osceola counties, with an added emphasis on video content.

And, he assured, things would stay nonpartisan.

Torres will stay on as a writer and photographer through the transition period, according to his own article.

Kaplan told journalism was something he’d always wanted to foray into but never had the chance until Torres offered.

“If you asked me a year ago if I’d be doing this, I would’ve laughed,” he said.

He said part of the motivation was a desire to dig beyond the polling he’s currently known for and hold elected officials accountable.

“Some officials say they’re anti-establishment, and then they get elected,” he said. “I want to see if they’re keeping their campaign promises. I don’t feel like anyone is covering Osceola County, Marion County, Lake County … and Frank was looking to sell, and it just kind of came to me.”

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