With the National Basketball Association’s season having officially concluded after the Golden State Warriors 108-85 Game 4 NBA Finals victory, finalizing a sweep over the Cleveland Cavaliers, it now brings upon every fan’s dream scenario: Will LeBron James be joining my team?

That question is now running through the minds of any NBA fan in the coming days and weeks leading to free agency and though James hasn’t given out any hints on where he may be landing next, it’s an opportunity for every team to dream big. Yes, that includes even the Orlando Magic. The Vegas odds are out on where James may land this off-season, with the Los Angeles Lakers being +200 in their chances to land ‘King James’.

The Philadelphia 76ers come in at second with +350 and the Miami Heat are in third at +500. The Cavaliers, James’ home of the last four seasons, enter as +3000 odds of landing the homegrown talent from nearby Akron, Ohio and the Magic would land in the ‘Field’, which is +11000 odds. I mean one can dream, though, right?

I mean first things first, LeBron isn’t coming to Orlando without the necessary money on the table to live back in Florida. Orlando will enter free agency with around $20-million in cap space, no where near the $35-million James made last season with Cleveland. Obviously the Magic would clear enough off the books to sign James, but who would Orlando president of basketball operations Jeff Weltman surround the game’s transcendent player with?

Orlando’s roster is ripe with young talent, something LeBron James would be looking for in his next destination as he will turn 34 years old on December 30. Surrounded by some sharp shooters like Evan Fournier and Nikola Vucevic would help alleviate any outside shooting concerns and some experienced bench help from Jonathan Simmons and Mo Speights, who won a title with Golden State in 2015, would be a welcoming sight.

All in all, the very likelihood that LeBron James lands in Orlando anything other than as a visiting opponent would be an absolute shocking state of events. But in a town that has Disney World not too far away, dreaming about what could be is always something to ponder.

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