A theater-in-the-round that spins, tilts, and drops won a prestigious Brass Ring Award for best new product concept at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo 2016.

The 360-degree Dynamic Motion Theater gives audience members the sensation that they’re filming the action scenes. Designed in Orlando by Dynamic Attractions, the theater is a combination of circular, rotating screens that move to reveal sets filled with special effects offering the sights, sounds, and smells of the show’s adventure.

The Brass Ring Awards are given for excellence each year by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions at its annual trade show in Orlando. The theater concept was chosen for its originality, uniqueness, and innovative design.

Dynamic Attractions is a design and fabrication company that has created more than 50 attractions and rides at attractions around the world. This year, the company has opened 10 attractions on four continents, including Krrish Bollywood in Dubai and Extraordinary Journey Futuroscope in Paris. It employs 400 engineers, designers, fabricators and theme artists in Vancouver, Orlando, Toronto, Arlington, Texas, and Dongguan in Shanghai, China.

“We’ve pioneered new technology to create an experience that has been, until now, impossible,” said Guy Nelson, president of Dynamic Attractions. “When we put the team in place here in our Orlando Attraction Development Center, the purpose was to create revolutionary new attractions and I am excited that the first product to come out the design studio has already been recognized with an award.”

Since opening their Orlando Attraction Development Center last spring, it has doubled in size to 80,000 square feet.

“At the (Orlando) center, our artists and designers work on developing everything for the attraction,” said George Walker, vice president of creative development. “We then couple this with the engineering prowess of the ride system team in Vancouver and together the results are really exciting.”

The Brass Ring Awards are named after the rings on carousel rides, suspended low enough to grasp but high enough to pose a challenge. In the 1800s, most rings were made of iron, but a few were made of brass so grabbing the brass ring was special. Riders who grabbed a brass ring often earned prizes like a free ride on the carousel.

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