Orange County GOP chair Lew Oliver is breathing easy in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election.

“We already had a Republican mayor and County Commission in Orange County,” he told Friday. “We have a Republican governor and Senate in Florida. Now, we have a Republican president in Washington. It’s very hard to be unhappy right now.”

However, the one thing Oliver wasn’t too happy about was the loss of the 7th Congressional District seat John Mica occupied for over 20 years to newcomer progressive Stephanie Murphy. He said the Republicans would win the seat back in 2018.

“We will get his seat back the way we got Alan Grayson‘s seat back for Daniel Webster,” Oliver said. “It’s is a Republican-leaning seat. Mike Miller won in a close enough area. Bob Cortes won. It’s winnable, and we’ll get a candidate to do it. The numbers aren’t favorable. Democrats lost 10 percent of the voter turnout in midterm elections. I made a vow to remove Alan Grayson, and I did.”

Oliver told to “call him in two years” and see what happens with CD 7.

Speaking from his car between meetings on a busy Friday morning, Oliver spoke with passion about the changes he hoped President-elect Donald Trump would bring to Washington — among them repealing the Affordable Care Act, which he said was “a major drag” for the country, and repealing the Dodd Frank bill that bailed out the banks for the negative fiscal consequences he said it had.

Overall, he hoped to see more conservative fiscal policies, such as a lightening of the tax load on corporations, which he said would give them less incentive to take their money and store it overseas.

He said in his opinion, many Democrats agreed with that, but couldn’t come out and say it for fear of alienating their constituency.

“It looks like a gift to rich people,” he said. “Democrats are bound by their idiot constituency that demands a pound of flesh for symbolic reasons, so they cut off their nose to spite their own faces, harming their own voters and themselves.”

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