The Orange County Commissioners passed a resolution in their Consent Agenda at Tuesday’s meeting to partner with Habitat for Humanity to build eight new homes in the Bithlo area – with the promise of more in the future.

According to District 5 Commissioner Ted Edwards, whose district Bithlo falls under, while there are some nice homes in the Bithlo area, there are many residents living in trailer parks or mobile homes who could do better with real houses.

“If we can get residents out of the trailer parks and provide them with affordable housing, we can improve the quality of life there for them and their children,” Edwards said.

As is typical under Habitat for Humanity, Edwards said those who were selected would have to help the Habitat for Humanity crews build the homes in a “sweat equity” trade.

But in return, they get a new home to live in, plus counseling on home ownership, finances and more.

After Orange County transfers more property to Habitat for Humanity, their work in Bithlo will extend beyond the eight houses currently built, Edwards said.

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