The Orange County Democratic Black Caucus endorsed Tom Keen Wednesday for the Orlando District 1 commission seat.

Keen, who works in aerospace business development, and Sunshine Grund, a stay-at-home mother and environmentalist, are challenging Commissioner Jim Gray, who is running for his second term. Gray is president of GrayPointe Capital, an Orlando commercial real estate investment firm.

“Tom Keen is the candidate for Florida’s future,” said Orange County Black Caucus President Russell Drake. “His grassroots campaign has reached out to voters directly and he has proven himself to be a driven leader for Orlando.”

Keen said he was honored to receive support from the Democratic Black Caucus.

“We share a vision of a more inclusive and prosperous District 1,” Keen said.

Orlando’s District 1 is the fastest-growing area in the city and includes the Orlando International Airport and Lake Nona.

Ballots have been mailed out and early voting runs through Sunday at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections , 119 W. Kaley, Orlando.

Voters go to the polls Tuesday.

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  1. Gloria Darlene Duckwitz

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