Seventeen candidates have qualified for the ballot in the four Orange County Commission races set for the August 28 election, with just two more potential candidates awaiting qualification or not by noon Friday.

All of the major candidates are in, with incumbent Commissioner Victoria Siplin preparing for a two-person contest, not including a write-in candidate who qualified Thursday, in her quest for re-election in District 6. At least four candidates qualified in each of Districts 2, 3, and 4.

Siplin and challenger Robin Harris, both of Orlando, made the ballot in District 6 seeking to represent much of northwest Orange County, while Joseph Harris of Orlando was a next-to-last-day approval to receive write-in votes.

The county commission races are non-partisan, so they already are open to all voters. Thus the appearance of a write-in candidate does not create an open election even though Siplin and Robin Harris are both Democrats.

District 2, covering much of west Orange County, has the four candidates who have been campaigning at high level: Mark Byrd, former Orange County Commissioner and former state Rep. Fred Brummer, Orange County School Board Member Christine Moore, and Patricia Rumph. A fifth candidate who has not been as active, Antuan Bibbs, has not yuet qualified.

In District 3, covering much of south Orange County, Pete Crotty, former Belle Isle Commissioner Bobby Lance, Bill Moore, Orange County Soil and Water District Chairman Eric Rollings, and Mayra Uribe all have qualified. Randy Whiting has not yet done so.

In District 4, covering much of southeast Orange County, Kevin Ballinger, Maribel Gomez Cordero, Susan Makowski, Gina Perez-Calhoun, and Nicolette Springer all qualified.

In any election that no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two will advance to runoffs in November.

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