The Orlando Police Department was out at 2470 Lake Debra Drive several times March 19 for multiple reports of a fight there at different times of the night – eventually culminating in the arrest of 23-year-old Cameron Michael Robert Player on charges of attempted murder.

The first time they were called out, it was in reference to a fight at around 5 a.m. Over the phone, a caller who preferred to remain unknown said he heard someone else saying he was hurt and had trouble breathing. However, when the police got there, they found no one around.

Then, an hour later, they were called back again for another fight. A young man in a white pickup truck flagged them down, and told them he had been in an altercation with someone he called “Robby” over a girl. “Robby” had apparently kicked his truck multiple times.

The police were unable to make contact with the man named Robby and when they returned, the man in the white pickup truck was gone. They learned from a witness that he believed the man in the pickup truck’s name was Cameron, an arrest report states.

Eventually, after interviewing more witnesses, they learned that “Robby” was Robert Webber, who had been transported to the hospital with stab wounds earlier.

In the hospital, he told them what allegedly happened: at a gathering with multiple people, he had seen the suspect, Cameron Player, and his girlfriend having what appeared to be a serious argument. He separated them and told the girlfriend to go back inside.

Player returned later, allegedly “flipping out,” according to the arrest report, and got into an altercation with Webber in which he allegedly stabbed him and then threatened to “come back with a gun and shoot Webber,” the arrest report states.

After he was treated at the hospital for a collapsed lung due to the stabbing, Webber was told he would have died if he had waited much longer to be treated, the arrest report states. Webber identified Player as the one who stabbed him in a photo lineup out of several others with similar facial characteristics.

Player was arrested on a second-degree attempted murder charge. The arrest report states Player allegedly demonstrated a “depraved mind without regard for human life.”

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