Detective Michael Kleinfelt with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday the case of Samuel Pierre, a youth pastor accused of sexual assault and kidnapping, could have other victims the OCSO doesn’t know about yet.

If there are any more victims, Kleinfelt urged them to come forward and talk to the OCSO and help build a case. He said they would be given the full protection of the law.

Pierre was arrested Nov. 3 after an 11-year-old girl told her mother that he had sexually assaulted her in August after taking her to his relative’s home and allegedly drugging her.

While Kleinfelt couldn’t prove yet that the drugging had occurred, due to the time lapse between the alleged assault and the time the victim reported it, he said he had faith in whatever the state decided to do in Pierre’s case.

“There’s no leeway when you mess with a child,” Kleinfelt said.

He said Pierre was “not a stranger” to the victim or her family before the alleged attack, though the case was still under investigation.

And he also added that the church, the Tabernacle Prayer and Miracles International on South Rio Grande Ave., had been cooperative and didn’t know about Pierre’s alleged offenses.

Of how the case came to light, Kleinfelt said it was through the victim’s mother noticing a change in her daughter.

“She had changed,” Kleinfelt said. “She had become distant with her mother. It wasn’t normal behavior.”

But, he added, he also had a very high respect for her for coming forward.

“This young girl is a hero,” he said. “She could help prevent others from becoming victims.”


Samuel Pierre

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