Another undefeated season and another empty invitation from the College Football Playoff committee. No. 8 UCF after yesterday’s 56-41 victory in the American Athletic Conference championship game over Memphis, the Knights were snubbed from the CFP. Instead the Knights have been selected as an at-large to play in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl against No. 11 LSU (9-3) on New Year’s Day.

This will be the second year in a row that UCF has been denied one of the four spots in the College Football Playoff and instead taking on another SEC opponent. Last season the Knights faced Auburn, in which UCF won 34-27. Despite winning 25 consecutive games and being 12-0 this season, UCF will have to settle for another at-large bid.

“There’s been a national conversation for 11 months since UCF won the Peach Bowl and claimed a championship,” UCF Athletic Director Danny White said yesterday after the AAC title game. “Our football team has now won 25 straight games. They deserve to be in this playoff, and I hope that’s a decision that’s made (Sunday). If that does not occur, I think that’s another pretty glaring example a four-team playoff is not adequate for the postseason.”

White wasn’t the only Knights’ higher up to voice his opinion publicly against the College Football Playoff selection process, as UCF President Dale Whittaker took to Twitter to say the following:

‘At UCF, we say:“if there’s a better way, we should do it.” There is a better way to determine the best team in college football: decide it on the field. I look forward to the discussion about how to change the current #CFP system to include all deserving teams like @UCF_Football.‘ – Whittaker

The trip to the Fiesta Bowl isn’t the first time UCF has taken a trip out to the desert. UCF defeated Baylor 52-42 back in 2014 in the Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl.

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