A new ad from the Senate Leadership Fund blasts U.S. Senate hopeful Patrick Murphy with a litany of what they say are his sins – lying, embellishing and not doing much in Congress.

The criticisms have been leveled before by Murphy’s detractors and his opponent Marco Rubio – the ad says Murphy lied about everything from his business record to his education.

“He lied about his education,” the ad states. “Murphy’s claims of business experience, outright false. Why did he pad his resume? He doesn’t have a record. He was ranked one of America’s least effective congressmen. In a do nothing congress, Murphy’s at the bottom of the barrel.”

The ad says it’s “no wonder” Murphy “misleads, exaggerates and outright lies” about all of those things.

“Marco Rubio and his allies are getting desperate as the polls have tightened and Patrick’s campaign has the momentum,” said Galia Slayen with the Murphy campaign. “Marco Rubio earned the worst voting record of any Florida Senator in nearly 50 years. He supports sexual abuser Donald Trump for president, but refuses to answer if he trusts Trump to keep us safe. Rubio’s special interest allies are trying to distract from his spineless cowardice with this false and desperate attack ad. Floridians deserve better.”

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