Lake County’s push to be more business-friendly has manifested in website form with

Launched by the county’s Economic and Tourist Development Division, the intent is to spotlight the businesses which make products locally and provide jobs to the community.

According to a press release on the county’s website, the county has “recently identified the manufacturing sector as one of Lake County’s most important industries.”

The site is intended to be a registry for local businesses that will make it easy for people to find local manufacturers compiled all in one place.

According to the press release, users will be able to “easily print information about local manufacturers based on a range of variables.”

Lake County Manager of Economic Development and Tourism Adam Sumner said the county accentuates its manufacturers because it’s their most viable export.

“We don’t have a theme park or a beach,” he said. “Tourism is only 20 percent of our economy, and it’s much higher in places that have those things. But what people don’t know is that we have tens of thousands of products that we make here. If you have an American-made car in Florida, the brake pads probably come from Lake County. The bridges you drive over on the road are made by a company called Dura-Stress from here.”

Those, he said, were just a few examples.

Sumner said debuted at a recent manufacturing summit, and has already begun to see a trickle of people registering their businesses there.

“We’ve gotten a few in day by day,” he said.

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