The National Center for Victims of Crime received 351 victim claim forms for their project to reimburse the victims of the Pulse attack for their suffering through the OneOrlando Fund.

The end date for the forms’ submission was Sept. 12, and the process will now begin of sending out money based on how much each claimant needs. Ken Feinberg, the fund administrator, is in the process of reviewing the submissions.

There were some competing forms — those in which two or more family members or next-of-kin submitted a form for a deceased loved one. In those cases, as well as in the cases where a submission lacked some of the forms needed, the parties have been notified and will have until Sept. 29 to fix the problem, or else they’ll have to go to probate court to get the funds and settle the matter.

Those interested can still submit money to the OneOrlando Fund until Sept. 23, which is the deadline.

After the allocation is decided, the distribution of funds will begin Sept. 27. There also will be an independent audit of the fund by Oct. 15.

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