Republican state Rep. Mike Miller, a candidate for Congress in Central Florida, denounced comments from U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and declared that the Republican Tax Reform Bill approved last month is welcomed by “hard-working families” in Florida’s 7th Congressional District.

Miller said in a news release issued by his congressional campaign Tuesday that he was responding to Pelosi’s dismissal as “crumbs,” of reports of higher wages, employee bonuses, extended maternity leaves, and 401K contributions extended to over 2 million American workers.

“I don’t know about Congresswoman Pelosi’s district, but here in Central Florida, hard-working families welcome the higher wages and cash bonuses their employers are giving them as a result of the recent tax reform,” Miller stated.

Miller, a two-term member of the Florida House from Winter Park, representing House District 47, hopes to upend Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Winter Park, who voted against the bill and said she concluded it did not do enough to help middle-class Americans. First, however, Miller faces a Republican primary fight, chiefly with conservative Sanford businessman Scott Sturgill.

Miller’s criticism of Murphy in the release was limited to trying to tie her to Pelosi, who did come to Central Florida to campaign for her in 2016.

“I find it appalling that during Obama’s administration, Pelosi applauded the president’s leadership for passing a $40 payroll tax cut and called it “a victory for all Americans,” but scoffs at the substantial money going back into our pockets under President [Donald] Trump,” Miller stated. “It just goes to show you the Pelosi Democrats, like Stephanie Murphy, will do anything for partisan gain and do not care to work together for the better of the American people.”

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