The Central Florida AFL-CIO has endorsed two candidates for Orange County Soil and Water – Maria Bolton-Joubert in the race for District 1 and Nicole McLaren in the one for District 3.

The Central Florida AFL-CIO is one of nearly 500 state and local labor counsels, aiming to represent the interests of local people, advocate for social and economic justice and vanquish oppression and make life better for all people.

“We believe that both are extremely qualified and are the best choices for working families,” the Central Florida AFL-CIO wrote in an email to

Bolton-Joubert was ecstatic to have received the endorsement.

“I am humbled and honored to have the endorsement of the Central Florida AFL-CIO,” she said. “This endorsement means that they will communicate with the over 75,000 members of their group, in regards to my campaign and in support of me for Soil & Water, Seat 1. This is a huge honor. Here’s to working together to highlight the issues at hand — and to finding solutions to benefit the greater good. Here’s to bettering our County for future generations to come.”

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