Is Florida sports going to DisneyWorld?

Nestled in the center of the state, Orlando has long since been a secondary market for other teams in the state.

This year, for instance, Florida State will hold its spring game there. It will open its 2016 season there against Ole Miss.

Then there are the Bucs, who used to train in Orlando. No one is sure where they will spend their preseason while improvements are made to their stadium, and no one is sure where the team might spend that extra preseason game every season. Orlando makes some sense, however, since it is on the edge of its market.

The Rays? They, too, have held regular-season games in Orlando. And while they didn’t draw particularly well, now that they have 10 games they can play elsewhere, Orlando is sure to be mentioned.

Then, of course, there are Orlando’s own teams: The Magic and Solar Bears and the Predators and UCF. The city hosts three different bowls – the Citrus, the Cure and the Russell Athletic Bowl. The Unversity of Florida played in the Citrus this season.

No wonder the traffic is heavy there. Sports teams are always arriving.

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