Fifth grader Mia Muniz recently landed a lucrative new writing job: working for TIME Magazine’s Time for Kids publication. She is the only Florida student to get the job.

Time for Kids is a news magazine geared towards children from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Published weekly, its intent is to inspire kids in classrooms around the country to read, with an assortment of articles about a variety of topics, including the 2016 presidential election.

Muniz was recognized at Tuesday night’s school board meeting. When asked who she’d like to interview later on in her career, Muniz wasted no time listing three women icons of hers: tennis star Serena Williams, first lady Michelle Obama, and pop star Taylor Swift.

She said the draw of the job to her was writing about people.

“It’s important because it inspires kids to write and read,” she said. “I’m looking forward to the interviewing part.”

Her father, Marcus Muniz, said Mia is a voracious reader and writer herself — important for her budding career choice, he noted.

“She’s a great listener,” he said. “She doesn’t just glaze over. She’s very interested in learning. She’s always ready to open a new book or ask questions. She’s got a lot of natural training in that direction.”

Mia’s work will soon be seen on

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