State Sen. Linda Stewart is pushing the creation of an “Orlando United” specialty license plate to commemorate the city’s unity in the wake of last summer’s Pulse nightclub massacre, and to raise funds for mental health organizations.

Stewart, the Orlando Democrat who introduced Senate Bill 1232, will get her first chance to present it today in the Senate Transportation Committee.

The bill designates three organizations to receive proceeds: The Mental Health Association of Central Florida, the Hispanic Federation, and Two Spirit Health Services Inc. All three provide mental health services, with Two Spirit focusing principally on Orlando’s LGBT community.

On June 12, madman Omar Mateen shot up the popular Orlando gay nightclub Pulse during a Hispanic night, killing 49 and wounding 53, and forever changing Orlando.

Stewart, long a supporter of improving mental health services, called SB 1232 “a happy bill that might actually help.”

If the bill passes and gets signed, at least 1,000 Orlando United plates would have to be ordered before they are produced.

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