It’s supposed to be hard, right?

There are those who will tell you that playing quarterback in college is a chore. There is physical preparation, and there is mental preparation, and there is the question of maturity. There is learning the offense and learning the teammates and learning the opposition. It’s like juggling chain saws.

So far, 19-year-old Central Florida quarterback McKenzie Milton seems to be grasping it just fine.

Watch him play, and you have to remind yourself that he is 18 years old. He just introduced himself. And, already, he has the look of a really big deal for the Knights.

“McKenzie can turn lemons into lemonade real quick,” Frost has said.

Remember the Knights of a year ago? They didn’t win a game, and truthfully, they didn’t compete in most of them. It was a punching bag of a season.

Now, UCF is 4-3 going into Saturday’s game against Houston. Not a bad start for Scott Frost, the coach. Not a bad start for Milton, the quarterback.

Against the Maryland Terps Saturday, Milton took over the quarterbacking chores. He threw for 317 yards and three scores in a victory. His 29 completions went to 10 different receivers.

So far, Milton’s quarterback efficiency rating is 148.25.

“McKenzie is a special kid aside from being a good football player. To be able to handle all the stuff he’s handled in his early development as a college quarterback is amazing,” Frost said. “I think he keeps having better games than his prior games, so I look forward to him continuing to improve and really that’s the case for our entire young offense. Every week we’re getting a little better.”

It was only months ago that Milton was a senior and Mililani High in Hawaii. Oregon had looked at Milton when Frost coached there, before he took the UCF job.

Still, Milton has said he expected to redshirt in his first season. He didn’t.

For now, the UCF offense is his. It’s up to him to guide it to a better day.

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