In House District 43, John Cortes won Tuesday’s primary election, beating out the competition with 41 percent of the vote.

The win ensures Cortes his seat, as there were no Republican challengers. Cortes ran for re-election against former state Rep. Ricardo Rangel, who he beat for the HD 43 seat in 2014 after dropping out of a race against Rangel in 2012 for the same seat.

Kissimmee Mayor Pro Tem Sara Shaw was also in the running as a Democrat.

Both Rangel and Shaw tied with 29 percent of the vote each.

Cortes, a retired New York City Corrections Officer, is originally from Brooklyn, but he calls Kissimmee his adoptive home, and has lived here for two decades.

Cortes was happy about the victory, though it didn’t come without some remorse for friends of his also in the running for other races who hadn’t come out victorious, he told over the phone Tuesday night.

“I’m happy that I won, but I had friends that lost, and I’m not too happy about that,” Cortes said.

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