A new Hillary Clinton commercial being released on the internet Wednesday highlights the donation Donald Trump‘s foundation made to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and calls it corrupt politics.

The 2013 donation, made as Bondi’s office was reviewing a potential action against Trump University in Florida, has become big fodder for Democrats. On Tuesday, members of Florida’s Democratic congressional delegation called for a federal investigation. U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch said it looks like “a bribe” and U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel said it looks like corruption.

Now it’s Clinton’s turn.

The 30-second spot begins by defending the Clinton Foundation, which was attacked as corrupt by Republicans and Trump. And then the narrator urges people to look at the Trump Foundation. Exhibit No. 1 [and only exhibit in the ad]: the $25,000 donation from the Trump Foundation to Bondi’s re-election campaign, followed by her office’s decision to not investigate Trump University.

Trump and Bondi have insisted there was no quid-pro-quo.

Here’s Hillary’s recount of the matter, as told by the narrator, while ABC News footage of Trump and Bondi hugging onstage rolls:

“He sent Florida AG Pam Bondi thousands from his foundation just as she was considering an investigation into his sham university. She cashed the check, blocked the case. And he tried to cover up the donation. So, when you hear Donald Trump talk about corrupt politics, remember which candidate actually practices it.”

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