Henry Lim has endorsed his former opponent in the House District 47 Democratic primary, Beth Tuura, for the seat against the Republican incumbent, Mike Miller.

Lim said Tuura was the clear best choice and it wasn’t even close when comparing her with Miller.

“I am supporting Beth Tuura for Florida House of Representatives in District 47 because I know she will fight for public education, our environment, our workers, our local businesses, and for our safety through commonsense gun control reform,” he said.

He went on to criticize Miller for several things — among them broken promises on Medicaid reform, voting in favor of fracking and voting for open carry. Lim also criticized Miller for “lacking the leadership” after the Pulse attack to call for a special session in the House, saying it was “too costly.”

Tuura, by comparison, is a better choice, Lim said.

“Beth knows firsthand the ‘costs’ of inaction and we need her to bring commonsense back to Tallahassee,” he said.

Miller said Lim’s assertions about him were completely wrong — he said he did vote for open carry, but only after it was established that the rules would only benefit responsible, legal gun owners.

“People started talking about people brandishing weapons, walking around International Drive, and I said, ‘what, are you crazy?'” Miller said. “I am talking about reasonable gun ownership.”

He also said he was all for the special session and voted to have one.

“I am willing to have a conversation about sensible gun legislation,” he said.

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